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Since 2002, our consultants conduct tenders and negotiations. In all variations, on different sourcing platforms, in numerous national, regional, and global markets.

The two most common questions in negotiation projects are:

  • How much do we save with an auction?
  • Can we put the product/service ta an auction at all?

To the first question just so much, you can lose a mandate if you don't call a huge (fictional) number.
As for the second question, it's probably easier than you think.

If this answer is not enough, we have created a decision support tool for you. The free auction applicability check compresses more than 15 years of auction experience into an Excel tool that will provide you with the auctionability result for your next negotiation within minutes.

How does the auctionability check work?

1) Register in the form and get the auction applicability tool for your individual use via email 
2) Fill in the required information into the Excel-based tool
3) Get the result directly in the auctionability check

Besides, you can share the results with us and get an expert opinion for your next negotiation.

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