Facts & Figures

Branch: Services
PVO: 0,5 Mio. €
Savings: 8,3%
Invited: > 100 suppliers
Qualified: 40 suppliers



Tender for printed forms at a medium-sized company with >15,000 employees.

Starting point

4 specifications

330 delivery points

Edition of 11 million copies

High quality requirements

6 suppliers

1 approved paper 

Short lead time necessary 


> 100 suppliers invited

40 suppliers qualified

RFPRFP with querying alternative specifications (papers, SLA and logistics)

Dynamic price negotiation - online bidding

Reporting for further optimization in the future established

Project success

12 suppliers invited to online bidding (PSO certified)

15 extensions

32 bids 

Identified (max) savings 9,8%

Implemented and realized savings 8,3% (with incumbent vendor)

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