Facts & Figures

Branch: Furniture
PVO: 8 Mio. €
Lanes: 495
Savings: 11%
Invited: 2.132 suppliers
Qualified: 50 suppliers
Awarded: 5 suppliers

Transport logistics

Tendering and award optimization

International logistics tender for a furniture manufacturer.

Starting point

Purchasing volume of EUR 8 million for inbound and outbound transports from/to European countries distributed among more than 20 forwarders.

Inconsistent requirements for the forwarders, partly without a clear contractual basis.

Lack of reporting and controlling, lack of price comparability and transparency.

Supplier market characterized by capacity bottlenecks, especially at the primary location.


Kickoff workshop to coordinate content and the procedure.

Market inquiry according to customer requirements at 2.000+ forwarders.

50+ forwarders qualified and invited to the price inquiry.

Online price negotiation with 15 forwarders (5 lots, ranking visibility on relation level).

Negotiations and conclusion of contracts at a round table with the best suppliers.

Project success

Unified transport agreements with 5 transport companies.

Effective reduction of transport costs by 11%, considering the increase in fuel costs and despite better service quality (SLA).

Establishment of Service Level Agreement with contractual penalties.

Reduction of process costs in scheduling through preferred supplier list and conversion to bulk bill.

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