Digital transformation begins with the master data

The digital transformation of companies faces various challenges such as the modernization of IT systems, automation of processes, and the development of data-based business models. The foundation for all this is solid and reliable master data.

Transformation projects that are executed despite poor data quality often do not meet the envisioned objectives and are doomed to failure.

source:net has been helping its clients to improve the quality of supplier master data and product master data since 2002. Together with our customers, we achieve sought consistency of master data and establish the foundation for successful digital business models.

What is the procedure to improve data quality? Click on the following link to learn more about the project phases of a master data project. Alternatively, apply directly for a free data audit.


  • Corrected data errors, closed data gaps, detected and eliminated duplicates
  • Reduction of process costs for internal item search and new item creation thanks to improved traceability
  • Reduction of warehouse stock level
  • Granular hierarchy structure of the master data record and characteristic-based search capabilities
  • Improved comparability of items (benchmarking), exploitation of economies of scale and potentials for demand standardization
  • Transparency and meaningful analyses for purchasing volume per product group

It is high time to get a grip on master data management to survive in the age of digital transformation. Use our free data audit or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Do you have further questions? We have summarized the frequently asked questions on the subject of "master data."


Florian Boehme

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Spend analysis

Utilizing an automatic analysis, we provide you with a cleaned-up and correctly-classified database, which is a prerequisite for successful purchasing.

Tenders and negotiations

We have been conducting eSourcing events since 2002: in all variations - on different sourcing platforms - in various national, regional and global markets.

Award optimization

The award optimization starts where the analysis of bids and the evaluation of award scenarios with Excel no longer works. Always when evaluating complex tenders.