Spend analysis

You need a visual aid if you can't see it clearly.

That does not only apply in the traffic. Buyers looking for starting points for strategic initiatives need reliable information: Who bought what and when from whom?

Together with our technology partners, we provide you with the cleansed and correctly classified information necessary for successful procurement, for individual product groups as well as for the entire company spend.

A uniform, reliable information base...

  • Across countries, currencies, and languages
  • In various ERP systems and catalogs
  • Including invoices, orders, credit notes, P-Card data, etc.

... arouses curiosity ...

  • Why do we pay different prices for the same products?
  • Why are the orders well above the contractually agreed quantities?
  • Why do we have many individual suppliers with minimal turnover for some product groups?
  • What can we do about that?

... and shows you where you can use the levers:

  • Bundling
  • Implementation of framework supply against maverick spend
  • Supplier rationalization
  • Systematic processing of neglected product groups

Spend analysis - the cleansing and classification of spend data - is usually a time consuming and mostly manual process. It requires the extensive use of commodity experts and consultants resolving multiple queries. This effort can be drastically reduced by automating the process.


Florian Boehme

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Tenders and negotiations

We have been conducting eSourcing events since 2002: in all variations - on different sourcing platforms - in various national, regional and global markets.

Master data management

MDM includes the cleansing, classification, and enrichment of existing data sets, as well as the continuous monitoring and management of master data governance.

Award optimization

The award optimization starts where the analysis of bids and the evaluation of award scenarios with Excel no longer works. Always when evaluating complex tenders.