Tenders and negotiations

Project management by material group experts
Price indices, supplier databases, and contract templates
Innovative methods and the world's leading technology platforms

Since 2002, the SourcingOnDemand team conducts tenders and negotiations: in all variations - on different sourcing platforms - in various national, regional, and global markets. We offer our branded eSourcing platform SourcingOnDemand, project management, and accompanying services from a single source. As much as you need, not more. For our clients, SourcingOnDemand means the highest level of service level flexibility.

Your success is the objective of our projects. We instrumentalize market transparency, competition, and efficient processes to achieve the goal and pursue this path with the commitment to fair play and the ambition to exceed your highest expectations in coordination with your team.

Our sourcing team supports you with sound market knowledge, strategic skills, and implementation competence. SourcingOnDemand stands for:

  • Deep market know-how and the knowledge of market participants
  • Razor-sharp pricing models and calculation schemes
  • Clear and fair game rules 
  • Fine-tuning of the negotiation strategy in coordination with our clients
  • Innovative but market-compliant specifications
  • Exploitation of all possibilities of the world's leading eSourcing tools.

Since 2002, the SourcingOnDemand team tenders a wide variety of production materials: Raw materials such as chemicals or natural rubber, standard product groups such as ball bearings or connecting parts and a large number of drawing parts (B and C materials). We also frequently support the sourcing of "indirect" goods and services.

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Spend analysis

Utilizing an automatic analysis, we provide you with a cleaned-up and correctly-classified database, which is a prerequisite for successful purchasing.

Master data management

MDM includes the cleansing, classification, and enrichment of existing data sets, as well as the continuous monitoring and management of master data governance.

Award optimization

The award optimization starts where the analysis of bids and the evaluation of award scenarios with Excel no longer works. Always when evaluating complex tenders.