About us

Since 2002, SourcingOnDemand bundles the solution and consulting offerings of source:net GmbH, headquartered in Munich.

An excellent procurement strategy

Our consulting approach combines sound market knowledge, consistent methodology, and the world's leading spend management software applied with a sense of reason and sound judgment.

However, procurement is and will remain a dialog between people. The "brainware" that our consultants gathered since 2002 is more significant than the software.

  • Transparency in procurement is our focus.
  • Innovative purchasing strategies are our passion.
  • Optimal award decisions and constructive supplier relationships are our goals.

Our clients are not looking for standard answers. They are looking for tailor-made support in the creation and implementation of procurement strategy and optimization of their methods and processes.

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Discover the potential of your master data

Digital transformation begins with the master data. Reliable data is the foundation of successful digital business models. Try our free data audit and discover the potential of your master data. 

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Spend analysis

Utilizing an automatic analysis, we provide you with a cleaned-up and correctly-classified database, which is a prerequisite for successful purchasing.

Tenders and negotiations

We have been conducting eSourcing events since 2002: in all variations - on different sourcing platforms - in various national, regional and global markets.

Master data management

MDM includes the cleansing, classification, and enrichment of existing data sets, as well as the continuous monitoring and management of master data governance.

Award optimization

The award optimization starts where the analysis of bids and the evaluation of award scenarios with Excel no longer works. Always when evaluating complex tenders.